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Making mistakes

18/04/2019 13:55

When you learn a foreign language, it is common and frequent to make mistakes. It exists several mistakes : a problem of grammar, a wrong use of a term or a stylistic error. However, most of learners feel embarrassed or stupid when they are not properly understood.

Where does it come from?

This fear of being wrong could come from our experience of school. With our educational system and their strong evaluations, we have raised in the environment of a ‘mistakes hunting’. We do not dare speaking in public if we are not sure of what we are going to say is completely well structured and well adapted. Moreover, when we dare - we often repeat the sentence many times and when it comes of our mouth, it is clearly not natural anymore..

Why mistakes are necessary to learn?

When you are wrong, you of course think about it quite a long time. When we overcome and survive a failure, we gain irreplaceable and high-priced knowledge. Failure is consequently essential and a step stone to success.